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MLB The Show wanted to let the fans decide who graced the game’s cover, so we asked the All-Stars to lobby the internet for the honor. And just like that, the MLB Cover Showdown was born.

Through our site, users could vote using Facebook or Twitter. Each vote earned them a virtual seat in their player's stadium.

The site operated like a live polling place. As players got votes, their stadiums filled up with fans’ tweets and posts. The site tracked social stats and aggregated content from the web.

We shot over 40 YouTube videos for the players to release throughout the campaign. This meant we always had something in market to keep fans excited. 

We gave each athlete their own campaign kit with stickers, videos, hashtags, and memes. But it was the fans who made the campaign go viral with content on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Lauren Perlow, Sam Bergen

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